Bridgewater Motor Boat Club 

Welcome to the Bridgewater Motor Boat Club's website.


Formed in November 1951, the club is the oldest on the Bridgewater and is probably one of the oldest in the country, and is fortunate in having amongst its membership, men and women who worked on the cut when they were in their heyday, plus several members with over 50 years experience of pleasure boating. These people have much to offer the newer members of the boating fraternity and their wisdom is freely given. 

We are not a cruising club. We concentrate much more on the boats, their care and maintenance being to the forefront. That's not to say that we don't enjoy our five or six cruises organised by our Commodore, its just that we don't do it every other weekend as most other boat clubs do.

 The facilities owned by the Club are among the best in the country (how many other Clubs have their own three boat dry dock?),  Our splendid Club house was built by the efforts of our own members. The bar is open every Friday, most Saturdays, in the evening and Sunday lunchtime. The winter season is the time when the Ladies Social Section comes into its own and they organise social events every two or three weeks. these functions are the ideal opportunity to make new friends and contacts.